Yezz Z50 Price in (Jun-2023)

Yezz Z50 Price in

Yezz Z50 Price -

Amazing Yezz Z50 price in is 0/- Featured 2.4 Display, , 2MP Camera and 950 mAh Battery.

Yezz Z50 Information.

Name Yezz Z50
New Price . NAN/- Aproximately
Used Price . NAN/- Aproximately
Release Date Released 2015, January
Specifications 2.4 Display, , 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot, 2MP Camera, 950 mAh Battery.
Variants 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot

Yezz Z50 Released 2015, January with bamboo features: 120g, 21.5mm thickness, Feature phone high-performance OS; engaging User interface, powerful memory with 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot. Yezz Z50 is the best picked in the same group mobile phones with , 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot with 2 high megapixels, powered camera and 2.4" super large screen with 950 mAh loaded of battery.

Yezz Z50 Advanced Specifications.

Pros and Cons of Yezz Z50

Yezz Z50 Advantages:

  • Smart Size 120g, 21.5mm thickness
  • Best OS: Feature phone
  • Large Mobile Screen size of 2.4"
  • Addon Builtin Storage of 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot

Yezz Z50 Dis-Advantages:

  • Low Resolution Camera of 2 MP
  • Low/Average Powered Ram of
  • Low/Average Performance Battery having power capacity of 950 mAh

Yezz Z50 FAQs.

  • Yezz Z50 released on ?
  • Released 2015, January

  • Yezz Z50 is available in ?
  • Easily available in across cities as well as Online Stores.

  • What's the price of Yezz Z50 in ?
  • Best Price in is 0/- .

  • How i can get Lowest price of Yezz Z50 in ?
  • Get the Cheapest Mobile Phone price at Getmobile-price-

  • Which country Yezz Z50 is more cheapest across the World ?
  • Get the Cheapest Yezz Z50 Phone price in world at Getmobile-price Network.

  • Screen size of Yezz Z50 is ?
  • 2.4".

  • How much power Camera is there in Yezz Z50 ?
  • 2 MP.

  • How much Ram is there in Yezz Z50 ?
  • .

  • Storage capactity of Yezz Z50 ?
  • 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot.

  • Available Storage variants in Yezz Z50 ?
  • Available in 8MB 8MB storage, no card slot variants.

  • How much battery power is there in Yezz Z50 ?
  • 950 mAh

  • Battery timming of Yezz Z50 ?
  • Battery timing is as per 950 mAh battery capacity and Mobile Usage.

  • Which Operating system in Yezz Z50 ?
  • OS is Feature phone.

  • Which SIM size is there in Yezz Z50, Single or Dual ?
  • It have

  • Which CPU is there in Yezz Z50 ?
  • Yezz Z50 have CPU;

  • Available colour options in Yezz Z50 ?
  • It's available in Colors.

  • Is Yezz Z50 a best phone?
  • Yes, its one of the good choice within same busget Mobile Phones.

  • Is Yezz Z50 better than other Mobile Phones?
  • Yes, its good choice, however you can check the other available options here.

  • Is Yezz Z50 waterproof?
  • No.

  • Which is better Yezz Z50 or other Mobile Phones?
  • It is a good phone, as well as other available options are also considerable.

  • Does Yezz Z50 have fingerprint available ?
  • Yezz Z50 have following available Sensors;

  • What is the difference between Yezz Z50 and other Mobile Phones?
  • Yezz Z50 is best in its built quality, while you can check the features with other available options.

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