Panasonic X700 Price in (Jun-2023)

Panasonic X700 Price in

Panasonic X700 Price -

Amazing Panasonic X700 price in is 0/- Featured 2.0 Display, , 0.3MP Camera and 780 mAh Battery.

Panasonic X700 Information.

Name Panasonic X700
New Price . NAN/- Aproximately
Used Price . NAN/- Aproximately
Release Date Released 2004, Q1
Specifications 2.0 Display, , 8MB storage, miniSD slot, 0.3MP Camera, 780 mAh Battery.
Variants 8MB storage, miniSD slot

Panasonic X700 Released 2004, Q1 with bamboo features: 107g, 24mm thickness, Symbian 7.0s, Series 60 UI high-performance OS; engaging User interface, powerful memory with 8MB storage, miniSD slot. Panasonic X700 is the best picked in the same group mobile phones with , 8MB storage, miniSD slot with 0.3 high megapixels, powered camera and 2.0" super large screen with 780 mAh loaded of battery.

Panasonic X700 Advanced Specifications.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic X700

Panasonic X700 Advantages:

  • Smart Size 107g, 24mm thickness
  • Best OS: Symbian 7.0s, Series 60 UI
  • Large Mobile Screen size of 2.0"
  • Addon Builtin Storage of 8MB storage, miniSD slot

Panasonic X700 Dis-Advantages:

  • Low Resolution Camera of 0.3 MP
  • Low/Average Powered Ram of
  • Low/Average Performance Battery having power capacity of 780 mAh

Panasonic X700 FAQs.

  • Panasonic X700 released on ?
  • Released 2004, Q1

  • Panasonic X700 is available in ?
  • Easily available in across cities as well as Online Stores.

  • What's the price of Panasonic X700 in ?
  • Best Price in is 0/- .

  • How i can get Lowest price of Panasonic X700 in ?
  • Get the Cheapest Mobile Phone price at Getmobile-price-

  • Which country Panasonic X700 is more cheapest across the World ?
  • Get the Cheapest Panasonic X700 Phone price in world at Getmobile-price Network.

  • Screen size of Panasonic X700 is ?
  • 2.0".

  • How much power Camera is there in Panasonic X700 ?
  • 0.3 MP.

  • How much Ram is there in Panasonic X700 ?
  • .

  • Storage capactity of Panasonic X700 ?
  • 8MB storage, miniSD slot.

  • Available Storage variants in Panasonic X700 ?
  • Available in 8MB storage, miniSD slot variants.

  • How much battery power is there in Panasonic X700 ?
  • 780 mAh

  • Battery timming of Panasonic X700 ?
  • Battery timing is as per 780 mAh battery capacity and Mobile Usage.

  • Which Operating system in Panasonic X700 ?
  • OS is Symbian 7.0s, Series 60 UI.

  • Which SIM size is there in Panasonic X700, Single or Dual ?
  • It have

  • Which CPU is there in Panasonic X700 ?
  • Panasonic X700 have CPU;

  • Available colour options in Panasonic X700 ?
  • It's available in Colors.

  • Is Panasonic X700 a best phone?
  • Yes, its one of the good choice within same busget Mobile Phones.

  • Is Panasonic X700 better than other Mobile Phones?
  • Yes, its good choice, however you can check the other available options here.

  • Is Panasonic X700 waterproof?
  • No.

  • Which is better Panasonic X700 or other Mobile Phones?
  • It is a good phone, as well as other available options are also considerable.

  • Does Panasonic X700 have fingerprint available ?
  • Panasonic X700 have following available Sensors;

  • What is the difference between Panasonic X700 and other Mobile Phones?
  • Panasonic X700 is best in its built quality, while you can check the features with other available options.

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